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Here’s what our Customers are saying about XLVaping!



“With the price of cigarettes on the rise and the increased social stigma associated with smoking tobacco, I decided to try E-cigarettes instead. I stopped off at a store and saw the XLvaping brand, and decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised with the taste, quality, and feel. …The XL Kings really hit the nail on the head with taste, pull, and feel…

Out of curiosity I have tried every other brand I have come across including the Blu and Njoy, and nothing has come close to the authentic taste and feel of the XLvaping.

I also love XLvaping customer support. For those who say customer service is dead, you should call XLvaping customer support to see how wonderful they treat their customers. The recycling program is not only great for the environment, but I love that you get something in return as a “thank you.” I don’t see the other e-cig companies doing this.

I find it comical that some large tobacco companies own other brands of e-cig’s. They obviously see that electronic cigarettes are a threat to their declining business, and I love that XLvaping isn’t one of those companies.

– K. Fernandez


“After trying numerous brands of disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarette, I happened upon XLvaping. I moved from lights to bold and have been their biggest fan ever since. Just the perfect amount of vapor and the perfect throat hit… Now I get what I need without the stinky smoke of originals. XLvaping customer service is exceptional and I love their recycling program. I have been an XLvaping bold disposable customer for as long as they produce this quality!!”

K. Boule



“I have been using the XLvaping for the past 2 years. … I have tried several other e-cigs along the way, but I always come back to XLvaping. Another great thing about them is that there is no fire or ash and I no longer smell like an ashtray. I also like the fact, that while they are disposable, they are also recyclable through the company’s website. It’s a win/win for everyone!”

– J. Brady


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