Cartridges vs E-Liquid

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Many people have switched from regular cartridges to e-liquid to save money. Why should you use a cartridge instead of E-Liquid? Their are Pros and Cons to both sides.

Here are some Pros, Cost less then cartridges. Many flavors to choose from or now to combine. Longer lasting then cartridges. Batteries last longer. The down side is that a lot of the devices are to

big and bulky. Variable voltage for heating the E-Liquid is more dangerous when heating element. If you heat the E-Liquid to high it creates formaldehyde released in the aerosol or vapor. As we

all know that this it is not a positive.  Can be messy and get all over your hands. Which in return can get in your eyes if you do not wash your hands after inserting E-Liquid in device. Some the

same  features come with  both styles. Most have nicotine levels of 24mg, 18mg, 12mg, 6mg and zero. In some cases business sell 36mg of nicotine. Which is a very high level of nicotine.

With cartridges they are a lot easier to use all you need to do is take out of wrapper and screw into the battery and smoke. When you know longer get any vapor from your ecig repeat process.

With the cartridges the electronic cigarette looks more like a cigarette and is a lot lighter. We have noticed that the younger generations like the bigger vape pens then the smaller ecig that works

with the cartridges.  E-liquid are cheaper but the device can be a lot more expensive to buy. The cartridge style  is less expensive but over time the cartridges cost more then the E-Liquids.  You

may want to try a disposable ecig to see if they work for you first. We suggest trying both to see what fits your style in your tobacco free journey.  XLVaping

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