At XLVaping, our e-liquids are made 100% in the United States.

All of our e-liquids are made from American-sourced, United States Pharmacopeia and food grade certified base and flavorings.

Many e-liquids that are imported from China or other Asian countries are subject to fewer regulations, making it difficult to determine whether they contain the ingredients that they claim to contain. We sell e-liquids made only in the USA to assure the best possible satisfaction and safety of our customers. The nicotine in our e-liquids comes from American manufactured nicotine with the highest purity content.

The ingredients in our e-liquids aren’t a mystery; they contain USP grade propylene glycol, USP grade vegetable glycerin (extracted from vegetable oils), nicotine, and food grade certified flavorings. And, you can choose whichever level of nicotine you’d prefer and be sure that you are getting what you want:

  • 2.4% nicotine or 24mg
  • 1.8% nicotine or 18mg
  • 1.2% nicotine or 12mg
  • 0.6% nicotine or 6mg
  • 0% nicotine or 0mg

E-liquids imported from other countries have been found to contain different levels of nicotine than they claim to, but you won’t need to worry about that with our e-liquids made with American manufactured nicotine.

Our e-liquids aren’t just 100% made in the USA; all of our e-liquid is manufactured in an ISO 7 clean room built to the requirements posted by the upcoming FDA regulations. A clean room is regulated to contain a limited number of airborne particles, meaning that it will be kept largely free from any dust, chemical vapors, or other airborne particles. You can rest assured that your e-liquid will be free from any and all contaminants.

We aim to guarantee the satisfaction and safety of all our customers, and our e-liquid made 100% in the USA is sure to please you!

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